Elementary - Empty Chair

It is Elementary

unsplash-logoJez Timms Elementary. It should be wrong for so many reasons. Sherlock Holmes was always a resident of London, capital ...
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Night Sky

Opportunities all around

When places become familiar, people start to overlook the opportunities that surround them each and every day. Take the hedgerow ...
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Road and Car Park At Night

Walking the streets at night

I love walking at night in urban environments. The streets are completely different when the light fades and the darkness ...
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Sunset and Trees

A trip out spotting

I have been out and about this evening in the car. I wanted to find new places where I can ...
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Outdoors - camping at night

Night-time at the camp

unsplash-logoRahul Bhosale The night. Dark, crisp, chilly but best of all a wonderfully clear sky. You know the type where ...
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Outer Limits Magazine - Clouds in Sky

Outer Limits Magazine #13

unsplash-logoZaji Kanamajina The Outer Limits Magazine is a free eZine. In conjunction with the magazine itself, Chris, the editor also ...
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Walking in the Trees

Walking in the sun

´╗┐Lacey Raper Today has been one of those unexpectedly good days. It was not planned or scripted. It just kind ...
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Trees in Forest

Trees – we need more

I have spent today in the woods and as the old saying goes "what a difference a day makes". Surrounded ...
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Sunshine through trees

Listening to forest sounds at night

It has been one of those nights for me. I didn't manage to get to sleep and at 3 o'clock ...
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Clutter – it is time for you to go

Today I have spent most of the morning getting rid of clutter. After decades of collecting various things, I have ...
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