forest fawn

Fawn in the early forest morning

unsplash-logoNicomiot Photographies I was in the forest early this morning. It was quiet. Really quiet. In fact a lot quieter ...
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Forest Drive at night

Forest drive at night

At night the forest becomes a very different place. Creatures that are not noticed during the day become active and ...
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Light and Forest Sky

Weird Light in the sky

I was on my way back from the forest last night when a light in the sky caught my eye ...
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A view of Teesdale in County Durham

Bringing it back

Just a quick audio snippet ...
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A view through the trees of some woodland

Off to the woods

I don't get to the woods often enough these days. Life has taken over a little and the trips I ...
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Dry Dead Trees and Desert

Dry, hot and needing water

It probably wasn't the most sensible thing I have done to go out training in 28C temperatures. I have come ...
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Hamsterly - Tent in the woods

Is Hamsterley a home to cryptids?

Could it be true? Could Hamsterley Forest be home to British Bigfoot creatures or perhaps on a path they use ...
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What are you looking at? CCTV Camera

CCTV – What you looking at?

unsplash-logoNiv Singer CCTV camera in park not protecting park equipment, but pointedtowards private dwellings. Ever wondered what happens in the ...
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Little Chap

Little Chap always visits at night

Little Chap Have you ever gone through a period of your life where you get weird and wonderful dreams that ...
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Walk - Down by the Lake

Walk of the day

For those who have been following me for a while will know I have been doing a daily walk. There ...
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