Little Chap always visits at night

Little Chap
Little Chap

Have you ever gone through a period of your life where you get weird and wonderful dreams that you just can’t explain. Over the last twelve months that has happened to me. Each time, they have featured creatures that look like the picture above and I have named the main one from my dream, Little Chap.

The dreams themselves are not distressing in any way, but do tend to follow a similar path each time. It is dark. It is night. I am in a forest, just sitting quietly listening to the sounds of nature all around me. Then it goes silent. Completely silent. Little Chap then sticks his head out from where he has been standing behind a tree. As he approaches, others who look similar to him also appear from behind trees. As Little Chap comes close to me it is as though someone has activated a “fade to black” option, like you get in video editing software. I then wake up hours later having had a very restful and restorative night of sleep.

Friends that I have told about these recurring dreams have teased me about aliens and being ‘abducted’. So much so, that I did a bit of reading into such strange events. Needless to say, I didn’t really buy into it and my dreams were not similar to the documented testimonies I found. That was until one night.

Triangular Marks
Near perfect equilateral triangular marks

One morning after having my usual dream about Little Chap, I woke to find myself refreshed as usual. However, when I went for my morning shower I noticed three marks on the back of my arm. They didn’t hurt and I was in no discomfort whatsoever. Initially I dismissed them as spider bites or something like that. I have seen Wolf Spiders during warm weather.

Wolf Spider
By Patrick Edwin Moran [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

I pretty much forgot about it then and went on with my daily life. It was later that evening that the triangular shape occurred to me. One puncture wound could easily be written off as an insect bite, as could two. However, three wounds seemed a little unusual. Was an insect getting a real feast? Then the triangular nature of the wounds hit home. I got a ruler out to measure the distance between each of the puncture marks. It turns out that the three points formed a near perfect equilateral triangle of 35mm each side.

Whilst I thought this was highly unusual, I didn’t connect the puncture marks with my dreams featuring Little Chap, and instead had a mad session of cleaning and trying to hunt down spiders.

A few weeks passed before I had another Little Chap dream. Same start to the dream. Same middle. Same end. The next morning I again woke refreshed, and noticed once again three puncture marks on my arm. “Damn spiders” I thought. Talking to a friend I asked about the best way of tracking down and eliminating spiders. The question came back at me as to why? When I explained about the dreams and the puncture wounds, of course I got laughed at but the more I thought about it, the more it was preying on my mind.

A few months went by and the dreams seemed as though they had stopped, which was a shame as I knew if I dreamt about Little Chap, I would have a good night of sleep. But, I had the dream again last night and yes, you guessed it, the puncture wounds are back.

Now personally, I don’t believe the two are connected. Simply put, I just don’t buy it. One thing that did come to mind is if it is a collection of spider bites, how do they know to make the perfect triangle? I have a wireless router in the bedroom and I wondered whether the radio signals given off by the router could affect an insect’s sense of direction or somehow confuse them into forming that triangle?

The bottom line is I have no idea of the cause, but it is not distressing or painful, just a bit weird, so another day comes to get stuck into with a shrug of my shoulders and the thought “I dunno”.

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