Road and Car Park At Night

Walking the streets at night

I love walking at night in urban environments. The streets are completely different when the light fades and the darkness ...
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Sunset and Trees

A trip out spotting

I have been out and about this evening in the car. I wanted to find new places where I can ...
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Walking in the Trees

Walking in the sun

Lacey Raper Today has been one of those unexpectedly good days. It was not planned or scripted. It just kind ...
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UFO caught on live TV broadcast

Live TV. It is a one-chance opportunity to get things right. When you get things write people just take it ...
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Space Rocket by SpaceX

Trump floats “Space Force” idea to the media

President Trump recently mentioned 'perhaps' forming a Space Force to fight battles and wars in space. As you can imagine, ...
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Frozen Stream

Another weather flap

Since the weekend, the mainstream media has been in a flap about the weather. They even christened the cold front ...
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Field Notes #5 – Bempton Cliffs

Date: 10th February 2018 Start Time: 16:20 End Time: 19:05 Location: Bempton Cliffs, East Yorkshire Weather: Clear during daylight, then ...
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Mystery Object in the sky

Strange South Yorkshire

This description attached to this strange video says the footage was taken of an object at 2pm on 9th October ...
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North Sea from Hartlepool Headland

Field Notes #4 – North Yorkshire Coast

Date:  19th January 2018 Start Time:  22:15 End Time: 00:45 (20th January 2018) Location:  West Cliffe, Whitby / Sandsend Road ...
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Case Files : an important long term resource

When a UFO / USO report is received, we must switch from being a casual observer to being an investigator who ...
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