A walk in the woods

Woodlands and open spaceI live nearby a young woodland that was planted around five years ago. In human terms, it would be a toddler perhaps looking towards its first day at school, but in woodland terms, particularly in this part of the world, it has just begun life.

Many of the trees were planted as saplings no taller than 18 inches, so it has been pleasing to see them grow year upon year.

The area once looked like a piece of grassland with a few plants sticking out above the blades of grass. Now it is starting to look like a woodland. The trees have grown significantly and we can start to see the shape the woodland will eventually grow into.

Sadly it will not be the biggest wood in the region, but in my county we lag well behind the national average for tree cover, so every sapling helps.

I plan on going back in the late summer and will take my camera with me as there is now sufficient development to start documenting the growth of the woods. It will be a long term project, woodlands always are, but over time I think a pictorial record will be interesting to both create and review.

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