Am I a believer?

A frequent question you may hear asked, particularly when you are amongst people interested in UFO / USO / UAPs, is “are you a believer?:”

Many are taken aback by my response of “No.”

Some will be surprised. Some may even get assertive trying to inflict their own point of view upon me. But my answer remains the same and they calm down once I explain it further.

If pressed, I would describe myself as an ‘open-minded skeptic’. I tend to look for rational explanations for events. I test those rational explanations, but I am not afraid to simply say “I don’t know” if I cannot demonstrate that a theory is true.

To be described as ‘a believer’ implies that there is some sort of faith, that needs no solid evidence base, to assert the existence of something. That reminds me of a quote attributed to Dan Brown’s character Professor Robert Langdon.

Faith is a gift I have yet to receive.

Making assertions as to the existence of something / someone based on blind faith alone does no good. In fact, it can put you right in the hands of a hostile media and open you up to all manner of ridicule. It is one of those lazy questions asked by journalists, perhaps because it allows them to do just that.

So the next time someone asks you that question, what are you going to reply?

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