Another weather flap

Since the weekend, the mainstream media has been in a flap about the weather. They even christened the cold front ‘Beast from the East’. Whilst I don’t want to turn this site into a weather blog, I seem to be almost repeating my thoughts from the last entry.

Waether - Frozen Stream

Yes, it is cold. Yes, there has been some snow overnight. However, the snow has cleared relatively quickly from the main roads and traffic is flowing.

In cold weather – check on elderly neighbours

Forget the panic in the press and news reports. If you do one thing during this cold period check on elderly neighbours. See if they are able to keep themselves warm in their own homes. Drop a flask of soup in for them or even just call around for a chat. You never know, you may just save a life.

Weather obsession?

Typically in the UK, we don’t need to concern ourselves too much with the weather. Our national stereotype says we talk about it a lot but is that really the case? We don’t get tornados every year. Flooding, whilst devastating for those affected, does not kill thousands each year. We don’t have a monsoon season or indeed droughts.

However, it does pay to keep an eye on the Met Office website for warnings affecting your area. If you have a smartphone, install the Met Office app. That will automatically send you notifications of warnings when they are issued and updated.

Cheaper alternatives?

Many people are on low incomes across the country now. I’ll spare you the politics of why that is the case, but some people may simply not be able to afford to crank their heating systems up during a cold snap. What can they do?

Wrap up warm. Even indoors. Use multiple layers so warm air heated by your body temperature gets trapped between the layers. If you’re are sitting for a while at home, put a blanket over you to keep your legs and feet covered with an extra layer. Put an extra pair of socks on. Our body’s extremities feel the cold first.

Another option I have used in the past is to go to a community building such as a library. You can spend the whole day in there reading books, using their computers etc. free of charge in a nice warm environment. 🙂