Cabin fever

I never did make it to that cabin. In fact, realistically, the chances of me ever making it to that cabin are pretty slim. However, over the last month, I have been learning a lot about constructing cabins.


Oddly enough, my efforts to learn about building cabins has had the side-effect of me getting a bout of cabin fever so I have been making sure I get out and about, mixing and mingling with people over the last week or two.

Can it be done in the UK?

The video below shows the type of cabin I would like to build, however I am not sure whether it would be possible in the UK.

It is one thing to do this in rural Canada, or the wilds of Alaska, but in the UK we have to comply with building regulations and planning laws. I also think that with most timber being imported into the UK that the price of the original raw material to build the cabin would be prohibitively high. So what’s the plan B?

I have started to look at alternative materials, but more on that another time.

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