CCTV – What you looking at?

What are you looking at? CCTV Camera
unsplash-logoNiv Singer
Park CCTV Camera pointed at private homes
CCTV camera in park not protecting
park equipment, but pointed
towards private dwellings.

Ever wondered what happens in the control rooms of CCTV systems?

The picture to the left shows a CCTV camera on top of a pole in a public park. The park itself has a good range of play equipment. It is very popular with the local children and teenagers, as well as parents of young children.

To watch over the park, a CCTV camera was installed on a large post. It also appears to be equipped with infra red lighting so presumably it also includes a night vision mode.

Park CCTV Camera pointed at private homes
CCTV camera in public park
pointing towards private homes.

I was first alerted to the direction the camera was facing by my neighbour who made a casual comment in a conversation we had. I had noticed it pointing towards private homes before, but being in a hurry I forgot all about it and simply got on with my life.

Today, whilst out walking I spotted the camera once again trained on private homes, rather than the equipment in the park. So what or who is the camera being used to watch? More importantly, who is carrying out this surveillance?

CCTV pointing at private homes viewed from road

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