Charge while you cook?

By BioLite ( [CC BY-SA 3.0 us], via Wikimedia Commons

By BioLite ( [CC BY-SA 3.0 us], via Wikimedia Commons

As you know I am trying to move away from my dependence on technology, but for those of you who simply cannot make that jump, you may find the camping stoves from Biolite Energy interesting.

The silver unit at the back of the picture is the actual stove. This runs on biomass such as twigs or wood pellets.

The orange unit to the front of the picture, that’s the bit that caught my eye. That is a thermoelectric generator (TEG) unit.

As you cook on the stove it generates heat. The heat that is generated is captured by the TEG. It is then converted to an electric power source that can then be used to charge mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Here is a video produced by the company below, and no, I have not received any payment or benefit in kind for this. 🙂

Now just as I was getting excited about the Biolite Camp Stove, I found out about its big brother, the Biolite Base Camp.

The Base Camp is a larger format and uses the TEG to run a fan to make the burn of your wood more efficient, charge a battery and then excess electricity generated can also be used to charge your USB devices. If Biolite has a Base Camp they could let me have a for more detailed review I’d be very interested.

In the meantime, here’s the company video on the Base Camp.

Even I have to admit that merging the primitive with technology can be very, very cool.

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