Chemtrails overhead

This is a video of some Chemtrails from the 5th April 2018.

Chemtrails above building

The plane in the video was circling over a population centre and did three or four circuits. Checking on websites and mobile apps, the plane was not sharing a public transponder code or any other identity information, so we can effectively rule out this being a civil airliner.

I saw the plane generating the chemtrails on its first pass of the area and once I had established there was no public identity information I decided to record its actions.

How do you know its a Chemtrail?

In the lower part of the screen, you can clearly see naturally formed Cumulous Nimbus type clouds. When planes fly at high altitudes the hot exhaust from the jet engines meets the extremely cold temperatures found at cruising altitudes. This results in ice crystals being formed. These account for the white trails you may see behind a jet flying at high altitude. These are known as Condensation Trails, ConTrails, and have a very short lifespan. Often the white trail is only visible for half a mile or so behind the plane before the ice crystals melt and the white trail gives way to the naturally blue sky.

With Chemtrails, the white trail does not disappear quickly. Instead of fading as the ice crystals melt, Chemtrails linger and spread into blankets of white mist. Depending upon the wind speeds at the same altitude they can appear as fluffy lines, or like is shown in the video, transform over time into sheets of white mist like those shown in the video.

There are various theories as to why Chemtrails are being used. Some speculate it is to do with weather modification, others suggest chemicals are being tested on the population at large. One thing is for sure, if you try to find out what chemicals we are being sprayed with and why you will hit a number of brick walls. Try asking the questions for yourself.