Clouds and the sky

We never really look up at the clouds anymore do we? With all the electronic devices in peoples’ lives, if you look at anyone on the street, chances are they are looking down at a screen rather than up in the air.

Yet, up in the air, every day is different. Last night social media with awash with footage of blue sky and clouds over New York City, at night.

Blue night sky over NYC

The ‘official’ explanation of this was given as a transforming exploding at a power substation in the borough of Queens.

Many people took to their personal feeds to voice concerns of an alien invasion occurring. Whilst the blue clouds and night sky were picturesque, no aliens have been reported as having landed in NYC. Not officially, at least.

Most other days aren’t that exciting, but the sky and clouds over where you live change on a daily basis.

Keeping your eyes on the skies can reveal many things, one of which proved to be quite embarrassing to the US Government. An amateur photographer from Sheffield managed to capture a picture of Airforce One, taking the President of the USA on a secret trip to visit troops in Iraq.

Unknown US Federal Government employee [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Of course, there may be other things lurking amongst the clouds in our skies. Capturing a clear picture of a UFO could generate a buzz on a while different level.

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