Clutter – it is time for you to go

Today I have spent most of the morning getting rid of clutter. After decades of collecting various things, I have barely scratched the surface of what needs to go.

Clutter – What do I need versus what do I want?

That is the fundamental question I have to keep asking myself. There are plenty of things I have acquired because I liked them at the time, but when you compare them to what I actually need, the numbers no longer stack up. SO I have come up with these categories:

  • Definitely keep
  • Keep if I have room
  • Take for recycling
  • Throw in the rubbish

So far much of the clutter has fallen into the first category, particularly my books.

I have a rather large collection of books that take up a huge amount of shelf space. I tend to only use eBooks for paperback style fiction. If I want a non-fiction title for reference, I tend to buy the physical book. Hardback books are my preference but these days they can be fairly pricey. If I can afford the hardback I’ll go for it, but most of the time I can only afford the paperback editions. Not ideal but still much better than eBooks.

The key thing I need to do with my book collection is to get much better organised. I have yet to carry out a full cataloging exercise and have my shelving loosely based on subject matter and book size. It is a big job I have put off for far too long.