Dark end of the street

It is nice the temperature is gradually lifting. That means it is more comfortable to be out and about in the dark, watching the sky. Of course, that needs people to look up at the night sky.

Since the advent of mobile phones, I have noticed more and more people walking around the streets staring down at screens on various mobile devices.

Only a few months ago I posted some photographs I had taken of cloud formations and someone responded that they never knew that clouds could be so pretty.

On a clear night, when it is dark, there is a veritable screenplay of stars and other things to observe, many of which can be seen with the naked eye. You don’t necessarily need sophisticated telescopes or hi-powered zoom cameras to enjoy the show.

So what is it that gets me to go out on a cold but clear night? It is those ‘other’ things which I find much more interesting. Watching a shooting star is spectacular but what of those lights that seem to change direction or be under some sort of intelligent control? What are they? Where do they come from? What do they want and where are they heading? Collectively these objects are known as UFOs and whilst some may be explained away by natural phenomena, others defy rational description.

Are they space junk? A satellite falling out of its parking orbit? Just this weekend we have heard about part of a Chinese craft coming down into the ocean. Did anyone see that breaking up as it re-entered the atmosphere?

Not all UFOs are of alien origin that’s for sure. However, being out on a clear night with eyes to the sky can be as entertaining as anything else.


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