Disclosure – why it no longer matters

St Johns Church Kirk Merrington View to the NorthA lot of people in the UFOlogy world seem intent on trying to achieve full government disclosure. Originally it seemed the sensible, perhaps professional, way to go. After all, if anyone knows the government does, right?

Now the more I have read, watched and listened to & from a variety of sources, the more I have come to the conclusion that government disclosure no longer matters.

No matter how many letters you write, how loudly you jump up and down, the government is going to say nothing about UFOs it doesn’t want to say, unless someone on the inside risks their career and perhaps their liberty by leaking the information.

What we are really after is information and ultimately proof. In this day and age, we have all the tools we could want for gathering, sorting, analysing and processing information. So much more than any other period in history. We do not need governments across the globe for any of that anymore.

Governments are still conducting themselves like the music industry did during the early age of digital downloads. They still think they are the gatekeepers. They still act as though people cannot talk and share media with each other without going through them.

Governments simply have not realised, and sadly neither have the general public, that if there is a determined effort by the public relating to UFO/USO activity, then there is very little the government can do about it. In essence, the machinery of government and constraints that come with that becomes obsolete.

What we need to establish is a distributed network of researchers that actively share information they receive. People who are willing to set their egos aside, and critique the information provided by others, as well as having their own information appraised.

In the world of UFO research there are too many little ‘islands of information’ and this is holding back the stated goal of many to achieve disclosure.

Over the years I must have read hundreds of books on the subject, so I am as guilty as anyone of feeding the monster of a market that has sprung up around this topic. Yet, with my head in a book, I am really unlikely to see a UFO / USO unless it comes knocking at my window.

Remember that network of researchers I mentioned? Well this is where it comes in. I have set a geographic area of interest along the east coast of the UK. I cannot cover that area on my own, but I can cover a little part of it. I have recently started a Closed Group on Facebook to form the nucleus of that network and whilst that would not be my first choice of platform for such a group, it is where most people hangout.

Members of the network will be active in some form near the coastline. The group won’t be somewhere for people to post their REAL REAL REAL footage that we can all see has been CGI’d. It won’t be that active either, not in the early days, so your timeline is not going to get flooded.

What it will include is thoughtful, insightful thinking and reports from members along the eastern coastline of Britain.

If the network grows, in time, the geographic area covered may be expanded, but we initially have to focus on the east coast of Britain.

If that sounds like your type of group and the east coast is within travelling distance, then click the link to join.


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