Finding that observation point

Saltburn-by-the-sea sea wall and pierIt is a bit of chicken and egg situation.

How do you know where to look for UFOs and USOs?

How can you avoid passers-by from constantly approaching you and asking what you are doing with your camera equipment, binoculars, and other gear?

I know someone abroad whose hobby turned from sea-fishing to UFO/USO spotting at the coast after he saw something he couldn’t quite explain to himself. He still turns out to the same spot, fishing gear in tow augmented by a couple of cameras and people just walk on by never sparing a thought.

Me? I prefer the quiet locations away from people. I find the tranquility helps me concentrate and keep watch. Not that my mind doesn’t drift every now and then. Last weekend I thought briefly about those men tasked with guarding the shorelines during WW2. How they stayed awake throughout the night whilst keeping watch.

However, for me, the biggest problem I have is with light pollution. Population centres such as towns and villages to a lesser extent have street lighting, illuminated advertising and any number of light sources from peoples’ homes. This causes problems as my vision is constantly adjusting from the almost daylight of the street to the near black of the sea view.

My favourite spots are perched on a cliff top high above sea level. However, finding such a spot where there has been known activity and is within my zone of travel remains elusive.

That doesn’t mean I don’t keep looking whenever I am at the coast though. 🙂

Where is your favourite spot for coastal spotting?

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