Great food on an open fire

Cooking on an open fire can be a bit of a dark art.

The video below is from the Wilderness Outfitters YouTube channel. It shows you how to come up with a tasty meal, cooked on an open fire in a single pot.

Whilst the video calls it Chicken and dumplings, to me, it looks more like a hearty chicken stew. Ideal for one of those cold days when you’re out and about. I was a little surprised at using the powdered potato used as thickening, but if you pause to think about it, it does make perfect sense. In times when money is short, I have used sage and onion stuffing as a thickening agent as I like the taste, but it does give a similar effect.

Anyway, give the video a watch, subscribe to his channel. There are plenty of other videos on there I think you’ll find interesting. But above all, go out and give cooking over an open fire a try. You may not get it right every time, but it is fun to do and when you do get it right, it is fine cooking.

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