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Newspaper ReaderI used to write a lot about the news, current affairs they would call it.

As ever, the news outlets would concentrate on negative stories, stories they knew that would sell or increase ratings.

Over time that had an effect on me. All that negative information hitting me drained me of enthusiasm for living life. Each day followed the other with the latest ghastly crime or disaster.

It wasn’t a good place to be.

So I stopped. I stopped consuming ‘the news’ presented to us by TV channels and newspapers.

I found my outlook on the world immediately lifted. I was not seeing negative aspects of life everywhere I turned once I gave up my ‘news junkie’ status. Being a ‘junkie’ of any type is harmful and the news is no different.

Looking around me now, I see people ranting about the same things that used to get me worked up. I wasn’t able to change anything and personally, I doubt they will be able to. However, it is a realisation that you have to reach for yourself. You cannot tell anyone it is being harmful to them as they will become more entrenched in their ways and not believe you.

I have disengaged

It is an awful term, but I have done what they call, ‘become disengaged’ with society. My greatest wish now is to disappear off to that log cabin in the woods that I never quite managed to acquire, away from everyone and everything and just quietly live out my days. Even I recognise that is not a practical option, but it is my utopia.

So amongst other things, I would like to share with you here is my process of disengagement. My journey. Will you join me?

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