I haven’t written for so long

Journal Books and PenAt one time in my life, you couldn’t have stopped me writing. I was forever scribbling in my notebook and trying to capture fresh ideas as they came to me.

Sadly over the last two months or so, that passion has faded. My creative writing has all but come to a halt because I am having to concentrate so hard on work writing. So when I finally get around to having some time to spend creating, the last thing I want to do is sit down at a keyboard.

I am hoping to change that this weekend by setting aside a complete day when I can just “clear the decks” and concentrate on a little creativity. Having created some fine quality prose, even if it just a page or two, is always rewarding.

On the plus side, I have managed to keep writing in my journal, though looking back through some of the entries, I do seem to lead a boringly predictable life. Yet, like many skills, writing, or perhaps I should say good writing, takes practice. Writing every day ensures I keep my eye in, as it were.

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