I saw a UFO last night

I went out for a walk last night and as soon as I stepped out onto the street, I saw a red light in the sky.

First Sighting

So like most people would, I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures of it. In the picture below, the white light is actually a streetlight, but the red light in the centre of the picture was the unknown.

Red light in sky with a streetlight in the foreground

Red light in sky with a streetlight in the foreground

Then it changes

After a short while, I noticed it had changed into an oblong shape.

Light morphs into an oblong

Light morphs into an oblong

I couldn’t quite decide whether it was changing shape into an oblong, or indeed splitting apart into two distinct objects.

It changes again

Then after another couple of minutes, it changed shaped yet again into a crescent shape.

Morphs into a crescent

Light morphs into a crescent

I really had to go and find out what was going on.

Despite it being a really cold night, I decided to extend my walk to get a little closer to this thing.

All the while this thing, whatever it was, just sat there in the sky. It didn’t go up. It didn’t go down or left or right.

The actual cause

I decided to head around the other side of a large building and use that building as cover to get nearer.

Then as I rounded the corner I came face to face with the source of the lights.

Yes, it was actually a crane operating at night and the red lights showed the far end of the crane boom arm.

For some reason, the boom arm from half way up was not visible from the other side of the building so rather than appearing attached to the crane, the red lights appeared to be floating in the sky.

A simple, down to earth explanation with no need for E.T. to phone home. 🙂

The real cause - Crane Lights

The real cause – Crane Lights

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