Is the proof out there?

FootprintsIf you look on YouTube you will find hundreds, if not thousands of videos relating to Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti or Yawi.

With the possible exception of the Patterson / Gimlin film, none of them provides conclusive proof of the existence of the creature that can withstand detailed scrutiny.

Like many of the UFO videos out there, testimony is presented as proof. It is not proof. When someone describes an experience that is testimony. When DNA is matched, that is proof that will withstand scientific scrutiny.

Proof is the holy grail that all Bigfoot Hunters are looking for

However, the only way for science to be convinced these creatures exist is for a carcass to be brought into a laboratory environment to be studied and dissected. Throughout history, samples of species have been collected by botanists and biologists to put under the microscope for classification but in the twenty-first century, is it really ethical to use this method on clearly intelligent animals?

Is there a more humane alternative?

Most alleged encounters with these creatures are fast and fleeting. Sometimes little more than a blink of the eye. That means we, as humans, have to get substantially smarter in our search methods, as well as coming up with human containment methods that will allow study in the field without harming the creatures. Even if that study is no more than the recording of crystal clear HD video footage and the collection of a DNA source.

They are the two major challenges for the Bigfoot Hunter.

The conundrum is what methods should be used and how can they be financed?

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