It’s cold

Snow sceneBlimey it’s cold today. The news has been saying we are due some snow before the end of the week.

My friends in Canada all laugh themselves silly whenever we have snow over here. “How can an inch of snow cause so much trouble?” they ask. I suppose it is laughable compared to the levels of snow they get, but they do have a point.

One newspaper in particular always seems to go into meltdown (no pun intended) whenever they cover snow fall and it is always on their front page as “Snowmageddon” or some other daft headline.

Of course, the snow levels we get in the UK need not be a drama for anyone. The first rule is to keep yourself warm. If you cannot afford the extra heat, layer up with clothing, particularly at the extremities like your fingers and feet. Also keep out of the wind as much as possible as that will drain your body heat as well. If you are driving, you do not need to slow right down to a crawl, but be aware of the levels of grip the road is offering your car and drive accordingly. Remember to drive as smoothly as possible. Do not brake or turn harshly.

If you are travelling for business, just keep in mind that no bonus or meeting is worth dying for. Even in blizzard conditions, I have seen rep-mobiles flying along at mad speeds. You do that and you are not only risking your own life but the lives of others as well.

Stay warm. Stay safe folks, and don’t panic. Despite what some media will tell you it is not the end of the world.

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