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Journal Books and PenI have not been too active here of late. For some reason, the inspiration just has not hit to put anything online. Instead, I have been using a journal to keep my thoughts.

There is a certain freedom in writing the old school way. Just a simple journal and pen. Plus, as long as I keep them securely, nobody gets to read what I have written about life, the universe and everything, it is just for me, for now.

I am trying to use the journal to comment about my daily life. The aim is to leave a contemporaneous record of time as it passes which hopefully someone will discover and perhaps finding interesting when I am no longer here. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but maybe it will be interesting to those who like social history. After all, how many times have you read first-hand accounts of an ordinary person from 50, 30 or even just twenty years ago?

The local record office holds documents dating back to 1122, so you can see the longevity of using a paper-based journal and proper fountain pen ink, rather than digital records which are so much more transient. How many of your digital records from the 1990s can you find? Operating systems change, hosting accounts expire, but paper, unless destroyed by flood, fire or mould, lasts for centuries.

I am on the third volume of my journal now. I originally started off using an A4 journal but found that was a bit unwieldy to carry around with me and subsequently store. So I have standardised on an A5 format for all subsequent volumes. It stops those funny looks when I start scribbling in public places as well. 🙂

Of course, the downside is what I write is simply a chronology. The content is not indexed of categorised. This presents problems for retrieving entries on specific subjects, but I am starting to come around to the idea of having a separate volume to act as an index using one of those A-Z Indexed Books. That way I could record the subject, volume and date in a lookup table. The only problem is, I may end up having to use multiple indexes if I keep the journal going. Time will tell.

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