Stan and Ollie

Stan and Ollie – The film

When I first heard about the film Stan and Ollie, I cringed. There some classic things that simply do not ...
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Red Sky at Night

Clouds and the sky

We never really look up at the clouds anymore do we? With all the electronic devices in peoples' lives, if ...
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Website on Laptop sitting on glass table

Website upgrade

Early this morning I carried out an upgrade on the website. For those who access this site you really shouldn't ...
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Zoom - Cattle in Field

Zoom – Testing a new camera

I finally got to take my new camera out and check out its zoom. I had been waiting a long ...
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National Park View

What is happening in the US National Parks?

It seems something strange is happening in the National Parks across the USA. People are disappearing in unusual circumstances, but ...
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Elusive - Christopher Turner

Elusive Screening Tonight

Set your watches for 7pm UK tonight. There will be a screening of Christopher Turner's film 'Elusive' on the UAMN ...
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Pine Forest in Mist

Missing the Autumn forest

It's Autumn here in the UK. My favourite time of the year to be out and about in the forest ...
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Preparedness of a different kind

Preparedness of a different kind

unsplash-logoKyle Glenn Whenever we talk about preparedness people start to think about heading out to the forests, survival bunkers and ...
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Big cats

Are Big Cats stalking the UK?

Every few years or so, I see a story in the press relating to big cats within the UK. Is ...
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Red Telephone Boxes

Telephone scammers at it again

I've just had a scam telephone call. It came through on my mobile phone and I've blocked the number it ...
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