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Stan and Ollie

Stan and Ollie – The film

When I first heard about the film Stan and Ollie, I cringed. There some classic things that simply do not ...
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Elusive - Christopher Turner

Elusive Screening Tonight

Set your watches for 7pm UK tonight. There will be a screening of Christopher Turner's film 'Elusive' on the UAMN ...
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By Steve White2008 [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

6 Days

16 Princes Gate in London. It is not an address you may instantly recognise, but in 1980 that was the ...
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Elementary - Empty Chair

It is Elementary

unsplash-logoJez Timms Elementary. It should be wrong for so many reasons. Sherlock Holmes was always a resident of London, capital ...
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Underground tunnel

The Underground

This 50 minute documentary by Darcy Weir explores the research, work and life of Phil Schneider and also features interviews ...
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Sycamore Gap on Hadrian's Wall

Sycamore Gap on Hadrian’s Wall

Sycamore Gap on Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland is about more than just a tree next to a wall. To some ...
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Attonement Redcar Sea Front AA Gun and Buildings

Redcar – The world war two invasion

It was the 20th August 2006. Redcar had been invaded. The anti-aircraft guns had fallen silent and there was significant ...
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