Losing the tech

Collection of Hand ToolsBoom! It’s happened. All of a sudden your home goes dark and the electricity is off. Your mobile phone does not work, nor do any of your other gadgets. You go outside to your car and that will not start. You cannot turn on your computer, TV or radio.

Your home, community or region could have just been hit with an Electromagnetic Pulse which has wiped out all electronic technology. It may not even have been man-made.

What do you do now?

All of a sudden you have to start thinking low technology ways of keeping your life going but have you got the hand tools and equipment you need to do that? For most homes that would definitely be a ‘No’. Even those people who into DIY many tools have been replaced by power tools. Drills, electric screwdrivers, power sanders, electric planes, routers are all very familiar in the DIY toolkit. What alternatives hand tools do you have?

Most domestic heating systems rely on electricity. Timers, ignition systems, thermostatic controllers all stop working. How are you going to keep your home warm? If you use electricity to cook, how will you make hot food? For the most part, cooking can be done on camping type equipment, but if that is powered by a gas canister, sooner or later the gas will run out. What then?

Fixing and Learning

Very quickly you find you are on a steep learning curve. The old expression ‘make do and mend’ comes to the front of your mind, that is of course if you can mend.

If you are reviewing your toolkit, it is useful to have hand tool equivalents for modern power tools. Hand drills, brace and bits, chisels, hand plane, sheets of sandpaper (you can sometimes remove what is attached to the power plane) etc. That is all before we get into plumbing and metal working.


What I have found personally when I have used old-fashioned hand tools to complete a job is:-

  • the job always takes much longer.
  • it much more satisfying once the job is completed.

The satisfaction may come from the struggle to get things done of course. 🙂

However, I am trying to move to a more low-tech lifestyle and this is only part of the journey. The reason for this shift is it gets me closer to nature and being close to nature provides me with a sense of well-being.

A learning approach

Some years ago I got rid of the TV. I read that having a TV eats into your time because you end up sitting mesmerised in front of it when you get home from work. For me, that was true but worse than that, I hadn’t realised it was true until I got rid of it. That freed up loads of my time to do other things. I read and more importantly learn so much more these days without the one-eyed monster sitting in the corner of the room.

I have scaled back all of my social media activities. I tend to use them as reference sources now to enable me to learn things rather than to put up content myself as my posts had drifted to simply adding to the background noise of social media.

Also, I am spending more time outside. Out of doors in the fresh air. Now that can never be a bad thing as we human beings were not designed to be locked up for seven, eight, nine hours a day inside. That just left us fighting our own bodies.

Scaling back on tech and gadgets has been a poisitive experience for me. Have you tried it?

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