Missing the Autumn forest

It’s Autumn here in the UK. My favourite time of the year to be out and about in the forest. It is a time of year when there are many changes taking place, but for me, the best thing is the weather. It is not the sweaty heat of summer or the bone-chilling cold of winter.

At present I am housebound due to an injury I sustained a month ago. I am struggling to get around the house itself, nevermind around the forest. It is frustrating and annoying, but the clinical opinion is I should heal well so I have to give it time. Of course, that doesn’t stop the frustration in not being able to do things or go places, but as ever, I have to count my blessings.

As Autumn continues I know I should be in the forest. The tourist traffic there fades off significantly and quite quickly over a short period of time. When there are few people around, that’s when the forest comes alive. It is when nature dares to peep its head out. The change encourages the hibernation of nasties like adders. (I can’t stand snakes.) It is a chance to see the forest in more of a way that nature intended it to be.

Sadly, I am going to miss most of the season this year and have to settle for the online content of others who can get out and about. 

Still, there’s always next year.

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