Book ideas are coming thick and fast

List on a notepadOver the last few months, I have been collecting ideas for a new book. However, when I came back to the notes I made I found that really, there wasn’t just enough ideas for one book there, but enough material for three or four books.

Now whilst I have struggled to get words down on the page over the last couple of months, ideas and concepts really have been flowing.

Of course, the problem I have now is to pull them together into a structured framework that would allow characters to develop and plotlines to play out. This is when the segmentation really becomes apparent.

Going back in time

I have decided my next book will be set in the late Victorian Era. It is a period of time where, if you were rich, the world was there for the taking. If you were poor though you were in for a much harsher life. (Some will claim nothing has changed.) It was a time of industrial revolution. Inventions appeared what seem like daily from the history books.

Whilst much has been written about Victorian London, I want to keep my books based in County Durham and researching Victorian Durham takes a lot more effort that London.

It has been frustrating that the National Archives are not placed somewhere more equitable, like the Midlands or York. Having to go to London to inspect records is just not an option for me due to the cost. It is also a gripe of mine, something I may raise with my MP, that people can walk into the National Archives and inspect documents for free, yet if people who cannot afford to travel there want to use the online service they get charged. Not really equality of access is it?

Book, eBook or Collected Works?

Now I need to go back through all the material I have gathered and decide on the format I want to create. Three or four novels would be a weighty undertaking that could extend to over 300,000 words. So what I am trying to decide is whether instead of putting one novel per book at 80,000+ words, perhaps have a couple of novellas of 40,000 words per book. Or, maybe even put together a collection of short stories.

The short stories idea may be the way to go, but often I find once I am on a roll I can’t stop.

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