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When dealing with people, particularly Government bodies where you may have submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) request, it is incredibly important to take note of the language used.

One key phrase that seems to crop up often when discussing UFO or aerial phenomena is, “of no defence significance”.

How do they know?

When researchers seek to clarify what is reported, seen or photographed in order to establish exactly what an object was, they are often met with that phrase.

Now it seems to be perfectly logical to me, that if a person or body makes the determination that something is “of no defence significance” that they have come to some sort of conclusion as to what the article is. How else can any sort of an assessment be made as to whether something poses a threat, or is simply an aircraft that has strayed from its filed flight plan?

Rather than be put off by that single phrase, if you ever get that in a FoIA response, always immediately go back to the public body and ask how they arrived at that determination.

You will be surprised how many people are put off and simply do not query further.

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