Off to the woods

I don’t get to the woods often enough these days. Life has taken over a little and the trips I used to take on a very frequent basis dried up. 

A view through the trees of some woodland

If like me, you get an enormous sense of well-being by visiting woods, you will already know that great uplift you can feel just by getting away from the hustle and bustle, and surrounding yourself with nature.

It is something I discovered many years ago, but over recent months I simply have not been making the time to go there and the effect has started to show. It’s weird. I’ve known since I was a young lad that city life is not for me. In fact, I have always maintained that people do not live in cities, they survive in them.

People do not live in cities.
They survive in them.

City dwellers will try to kid themselves and you, if you ask, they love living in a large city. Biologically, we’re not really programmed for such a way of life. By design, nature made us as hunter/gatherers, so surrounding ourselves with massive buildings of steel, glass and concrete goes against our programming. City dwellers will point out they have all the amenities they need for sports, culture and relaxation right on their doorsteps, but is that really the case?

For some culture means the opera, art galleries or museums. For others, it is the latest fashion in shops, or bars and restaurants. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m quite partial to a museum visit myself. But, are people really fulfilled in cities. I would suggest most are not and I certainly would not be. The noise, the traffic, the endless daily commutes. The endless pursuit of more money, more possessions and political infighting in the workplace. Overcrowded pavements and roads lead to the aggression we see each and every day in cities. All that aggression needs some sort of release valve which is one reason why bars do so well in cities. At least in my opinion. 

If people could only realise there is a better way, more in tune with not only nature, but with our own programming. I personally get that by spending hours quietly in the woods. Woods and forests are natural superhighways if only people would take the time to stop and look. 

So if you are reading this on your bus, train, tram or in a taxi on your way to work, why not pencil in a little time for yourself. Head out there and get yourself amongst nature. I think you may be surprised how well you feel on your return.