Opportunities all around


When places become familiar, people start to overlook the opportunities that surround them each and every day.

Take the hedgerow in the picture to the right. Hundreds of people walk past this opening every single day as it is on the main pathway between a large housing estate and some shops. Most people don’t even remember that it is there. Others may notice the gap in the hedgerow and think nothing more of it. Only a few will recognise the opportunity this particular hedgerow offers. Have you spotted what it is?

This particular hedgerow provides an ideal shelter if you need it. The fallen foliage has provided a soft flooring which is free from debris. The thick bushy leaves of the hedgerow provide a very effective wind-break. The top cover provides a canopy that will redirect rainfall away from the floor inside the hedge. As it is a mature hedgerow, the thickness of the cover is also quite substantial.

A little experiment

The ultimate test of course though, is could this be used as a shelter without it being discovered? During the daytime this could be problematic. The footfall going by is high. If dark clothing was worn and you kept really quiet it may be OK. However, at night it would be completely different. The thickness of the foliage would provide a good level of cover in low light conditions. The footfall going by substantially drops at night, making this a viable opportunity.

However, this  could only be considered a short term, overnight style layover. As short term opportunities go, it works, but it is not suitable for more than a single night.