Outer Limits Magazine #13

Outer Limits Magazine - Clouds in Sky
unsplash-logoZaji Kanamajina

The Outer Limits Magazine is a free eZine. In conjunction with the magazine itself, Chris, the editor also organises an annual conference held in Hull, East Yorkshire.

You can visit the official Outer Limits Magazine website by clicking here. You will be able to find out more about this year’s conference, featuring a presentation by Col Charles Halt (USAF Retd), Deputy Base Commander during the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Paul Sinclair, eminent UFO researcher from East Yorkshire is a speaker not to be missed as is John Hanson. Mary Rodwell RN will be flying in from Australia to talk as well run a special workshop for alien contactees.

Tickets for the conference may be ordered via this link, but grab them while you can as it normally sells out.