Pace Egg play in Heptonstall

England is full of daft traditions and perhaps more so in Yorkshire than other places.

From the land that brought us the Brontë sisters all the way through to Last of the Summer Wine and a whole host of things in between.

Tomorrow is Good Friday so this is a timely reminder.

Good Friday. That means Pace Egg play day.

The Black Prince of Paradise raises his sword

The Black Prince of Paradise raises his sword

Traceable back to the early 1600s, Pace Egg is a classic medieval mystery play, performed in the open come wind, rain or shine, every Good Friday in Weavers Square in Heptonstall, West Yorkshire.

The play itself is performed a number of times in the square throughout the day and during the breaks between performances, tradition dictates that the players head off to the nearby pub to lubricate their vocal chords.

The first performance of the day sticks fairly rigidly to the script and you will find that the first performance one year, will be very similar to the first performance of the another.

As the day progresses, the script changes. The vocal lubrication takes effect and you will find the jokes change, the players mercilessly tease each-other if someone forgets a line or cue, drag audience members into the fray, or indeed generally just improvise with one-another until one of them finds a way to get back on script.

The result is highly entertaining and draws a huge crowd to each of the free performances.

However, it only happens one day per year, so tomorrow is your chance for 2017.

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