Preparedness of a different kind

Whenever we talk about preparedness people start to think about heading out to the forests, survival bunkers and all the TV programmes and films that come under the banner of ‘preppers’.

However recently, I have been hit with something much more mundane that potentially could have been life ending.

I know that may sound a little over-dramatic but it only really just hit me today how serious the situation could have been.

What do your preparedness plans say if you suddenly lose the ability to walk?

Unable to walk. What do you do now?

I recently found myself unable to walk after an accident. It will resolve itself in time, but in the short term I was completely immobile and spent two weeks barely able to get out of bed. I struggled with the most basic of movement like getting to the bathroom. Had I found myself in the middle of a crisis, I think I would have died through dehydration. That normally reaches a critical state after three days or so, depending on the individual’s metabolism. 

None of the emergency plans I had in place took this into account. It was a circumstance I simply had not anticipated or taken into account.

Lessons learned

After day two, I think I could have dragged myself to a water source. This would at least have staved off dehydration. That would have allowed me to survive but not thrive. The pain levels would still have been severe, but I think the need to consume water may have driven me on, despite tear-inducing pain. 

Having dragged myself to a water source, that would have bought me up to three weeks to consume food. In reality, I would probably be getting weaker with each day that passed. Whilst I do have plenty of long-term food around my locations, most of it is tinned. Looking back, I may not have had a tin-opener within reach. That would have left me trying to find a sharp object within reach of floor-level in order to force a tin open. I definitely would not have had access to a heat source to cook any of the contents of the tins in the store. That would have made the food unpalatable, but I could still have got some calories inside of me. Toilet breaks would have been an issue. I would have lost all dignity and ended up soiling myself. 

Now I need to carefully consider what measures I need to put in place should this ever happen again to me. I am sure the list will go on and on, but I need to ensure that if this happens again ten years down the line, that I have contingencies in place to provide both support and assistance to get me through the healing period.