Strange South Yorkshire

This description attached to this strange video says the footage was taken of an object at 2pm on 9th October 2016.

At first, it looked like something out of Battlestar Galactica, and the poster of the video goes on to say that initially, they thought it was a balloon. Unfortunately, they don’t say where in South Yorkshire this strange video was taken, but as it progresses, I find myself coming to agree with their initial reaction, that it is an inflatable of some sort.

South Yorkshire UAPThe reason I say this is whilst the front of the object, facing left on the screen, does look somewhat SciFi, at the rear end of the object, to the right, there is something hanging down.

Going through the video and zooming in, it would actually appear there are two things hanging down from the object. To me, they look to have the flexibility of ropes. They seem to be of a finite length and do not appear to be liquids being ejected from the rear of the object.

I cannot see a craft of extra-terrestrial origin relying on ropes to be tethered on landing.

Perhaps we should also consider, is this object actually a drone? As strange as it would seem, we cannot rule out this possibility. Rotors on drones do not have to be exposed. They could quite easily be hidden behind the cowls at each corner of the object. As long as they were still able to provide sufficient lift, the object would fly. Could the two lines protruding from the rear of the object actually be aerials to boost reception of the radio control signals from the person on the ground flying it? Again, we cannot rule that in or out. It would be unusual, but not impossible.

I suspect this was some sort of advertising balloon that broke free from its tethers. I can’t prove it. So I would like to hear what you think. Send your thoughts via this link or leave a comment below.

South Yorkshire UAP with two tethers


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