The cold

If you had paid attention to the media in the UK over the last couple of days, you would think that some sort of world-ending event was about to take place.

In short, it was simply the first cold snap of the winter.

As tends to be the case, when the North of England gets adverse weather conditions the media largely ignores it. When the South of England gets a little bit of snow, all hell breaks loose.

The Snow

It seems even the mighty computing power of the Met Office got their weather warning wrong from my location. It is one of the reasons why people here tend to largely ignore them. We know what we need to keep in as supplies to see us through for a few days comfortably. The snowfall predicted simply did not happen. At least, not here.


Travelling in the snow, in any sort of snow, seems as though it has become a challenge to the national infrastructure. I still remember one particularly bad morning when we had four feet of snow back in the 1970s. (The Canadians will now be falling about laughing. Yes, I know that is not real snow compared to yours.) People back then simply dug their way out of their homes and those that were capable of walking to work, did. There was no official advice to not travel unless it was absolutely essential. People just cracked on, doing what they needed to do. Minimum fuss.


It seems as a nation we have lost that pioneer spirit. Baden Powell’s message of ‘be prepared’ has been reduced to knowing where your next charge-up for your mobile phone is coming from.

This learned-helplessness, encouraged by the media, does the people no good whatsoever. If people think this past week has been cold with bad weather, they need to really start preparing for when winter truly arrives.


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