The Underground

This 50 minute documentary by Darcy Weir explores the research, work and life of Phil Schneider and also features interviews with Phil’s ex-wife, Richard Dolan and Richard Sauder.

What did I find so fascinating about this film?

When we talk of underground bases, people are often incredulous and almost refuse to believe that such engineering feats can be achieved. Yet, you only have to point to the underground bases built by the Nazis during World War 2 for factories to see what was achieved over seventy years ago. Mining and construction technology has moved on, with the Cheyenne Mountain Complex being testament to what the US Army Corps of Engineers could achieve in the 1960s. So with such old technology achieving so much, I find it odd that people would deny the existence of underground bases and military cover-ups that feature in this film.

The film itself moves along at quite a pace, so you will need to really watch and listen to get the most out of it. The video comes from a variety of sources and it has to be acknowledged in places the audio is not all you would wish for. However, the content being presented ios so important, to leave it out would only tell half the story.

The reason I was drawn to this film was the aspect of underground/undersea bases. The area of focus for me is the North Sea off the northeast coast of the United Kingdom. Seeing what has been achieved and what is believed to exist in the USA provided another aspect to my research. Don’t write this film off if you do not live in the USA. It gave me hints and tips of what to look for and allowed me to stop and rewind the action to take notes and write down observations, things to check etc.

As a film it is interesting. As a research resource, it is valuable.

However, the really good news is you can watch it for free if you have an Amazon Prime subscription.


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