The Unexplained

The Moon

Moon shot

Earlier this evening I was outside and noticed for the first time in what seemed like ages, there was very ...
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Red Sky at Night

Clouds and the sky

We never really look up at the clouds anymore do we? With all the electronic devices in peoples' lives, if ...
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National Park View

What is happening in the US National Parks?

It seems something strange is happening in the National Parks across the USA. People are disappearing in unusual circumstances, but ...
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Elusive - Christopher Turner

Elusive Screening Tonight

Set your watches for 7pm UK tonight. There will be a screening of Christopher Turner's film 'Elusive' on the UAMN ...
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Keeping the Irish sky safe?

It seems that a few airline pilots have caused a bit of a flap over the weekend. Multiple flights dealing ...
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Human harvesting

Human Harvesting

Every now and then you come across some online content that really challenges your thinking about life. The video below ...
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Unknown - Sun through clouds

Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown Next month I will be taking a short trip. I'll be away from base for only a ...
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Bigfoot Sasquatch Forest Pine Trees

Bigfoot – It’s all about the video quality

Even if you only have a passing interest in Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie or whatever a large bipedal cryptid is called ...
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Big cats

Are Big Cats stalking the UK?

Every few years or so, I see a story in the press relating to big cats within the UK. Is ...
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Skywatch near Muggleswick

Sunday Night Skywatch

Last night I did a Skywatch in a new location. It was high up on some moorland and had a ...
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