Bigfoot Sasquatch Forest Pine Trees

Bigfoot – It’s all about the video quality

Even if you only have a passing interest in Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie or whatever a large bipedal cryptid is called ...
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Hamsterly - Tent in the woods

Is Hamsterley a home to cryptids?

Could it be true? Could Hamsterley Forest be home to British Bigfoot creatures or perhaps on a path they use ...
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Hills and Trees

Desktop Tracking

Geographic Information Systems are computer applications that allow geo-spatial data to be overlayed onto maps. The tools provided by Google ...
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Bigfoot in Mississippi

Bigfoot in Mississippi?

We are told in the video description that a hunter in Mississippi captured the video footage. While remaining silent, he ...
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Is the proof out there?

If you look on YouTube you will find hundreds, if not thousands of videos relating to Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti or ...
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A walkabout in a Bigfoot playground

I saw this on YouTube and thought it had some interesting content. It doesn't show a sighting, but the damage ...
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