Time during a power outage

If the mains electricity supply fails, how long will your batteries last to keep your life functioning?

My laptop would last about three hours.

My phone I would give it around 12 hours provided I didn’t use the email, browse the web etc.

When it comes to keeping track of time, I gave up wearing a wristwatch years ago and just used the clock on my phone. It made much more sense to me. A lot of people I know have done that.

So after twelve hours, I am completely goosed for telling the time.

A crazy notion

I was listening to an episode of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and it must have been in one of the later episodes. There is a scene where Arthur Dent is talking to his daughter, Random, whilst resetting his watch to the 25 hour day they find the new planet they’re on.

While Arthur complains about having to reset his watch, Random brags hers uses software. When Arthur explains his watch is mechanical Random replies “What? It’s all hardware.”

Then it hit me.

Mechanical. Not a battery driven phone or electronic mechanism that could be destroyed by an Electromagnetic Pulse, EMP.

Reach in my pocket

Then it suddenly occurred to me. I already had a purely mechanical watch. My pocket watch. It had been kept safely in a drawer for years, but this 161 year old timepiece would be perfect. It could have seen action during the American Civil War. It was made long before Jack The Ripper stalked the streets of London. Made in 1856 this still keeps perfect time and is a purely mechanical mechanism inside.

An 1856 Pocket Watch

These watches are so out of fashion you can often pick up them up at a very reasonable price on Ebay.

The other thing I like about it is the fact you can put it in any pocket, even in your backpack, bum bag, or sleeve pocket.

A low-tech time solution that remains immune to power outages and EMPs.

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