Tritor at the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge

It is hard to pigeonhole this band into a particular genre of music.

Asking Andy, one of the members of Tritor, to describe their music, the most succinct description he could come up with was ‘Medieval Groove’. I have to hold my hands up and say I have no idea what that means, so the best way to understand what he meant is to listen to them when they perform live or buy their album.

Their music becomes strangely hypnotic after a while so do not be surprised if you find yourself humming one of their songs throughout the day.

The video below was made at The Trades Club, in Hebden Bridge where they were performing on one of the main stages at the Hebden Bridge Folk Roots Festival. It is a single camera, one take, live performance shoot.

On the Hebden Bridge Folk Roots Festival website, Tritor is described as:

Tritor is Graham Wright, Andy Carter and Roger Burnett.
Tritor likes very old music.
Tritor also likes drones. And the beat. And the groove.
Tritor thinks you might like what Tritor likes…