UFO caught on live TV broadcast

Live TV. It is a one-chance opportunity to get things right. When you get things write people just take it for granted, but if you mess up, people never forget. It is the same when something out of the ordinary happens.

Look North has been the premier BBC News programme for the Northeast of England for decades and for the most part, they report the news from around the region, however in the video below the news team becomes the story or more specifically, the video backdrop that shows the bridges over the River Tyne.

I initially thought it was a bird, but the more I watch the video, the more I think it is moving too fast. Of course, to really make an informed decision we would need to know much more about the footage shown. The frames per second shown, whether there was an adjustment in the speed of the film. Judging by the traffic passing over the Tyne Bridge in the background the film has been shown at a slower speed.

Take a look at the video below and see what you make of the object viewers spotted. Is it a bird? Or something else?

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