Unknown - Sun through clouds

Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown Next month I will be taking a short trip. I'll be away from base for only a ...
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Skywatch near Muggleswick

Sunday Night Skywatch

Last night I did a Skywatch in a new location. It was high up on some moorland and had a ...
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East Yorkshire - Bempton video screengrab

East Yorkshire strangeness at the coast

Back in January I visited a place called Bempton in East Yorkshire. It is a small coastal village and for ...
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USO Sunset over the ocean

USOs – What are they?

You will have heard of UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects. But have you heard of USOs? Unidentified Submersible Objects? UFOs under ...
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Light and Forest Sky

Weird Light in the sky

I was on my way back from the forest last night when a light in the sky caught my eye ...
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Little Chap

Little Chap always visits at night

Little Chap Have you ever gone through a period of your life where you get weird and wonderful dreams that ...
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Outer Limits Magazine - Clouds in Sky

Outer Limits Magazine #13

unsplash-logoZaji Kanamajina The Outer Limits Magazine is a free eZine. In conjunction with the magazine itself, Chris, the editor also ...
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Street Light

Dark end of the street

It is nice the temperature is gradually lifting. That means it is more comfortable to be out and about in ...
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Mystery Object in the sky

Strange South Yorkshire

This description attached to this strange video says the footage was taken of an object at 2pm on 9th October ...
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Macbook and map

Reporting a UFO / USO Sighting

unsplash-logorawpixel Reporting a UFO or USO sighting is a big deal. We have to keep in mind that someone has ...
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