UK UFOs – Why divide and conquer is working

Aliens in a car - well, sort ofThere are many people across the globe who are fascinated by unexplained aerial phenomena, or as I would refer to it, UFOs.

I know people who seem to spend most of their waking hours devoted to the subject.

However, it does not matter which country you are from, chances are your Government is not telling you all they know.

I believe 95% of UFO reports have a logical explanation. It is the other 5% that get my attention.

The major problem the community interested in UFOs faces is not whether craft are visiting us from other planets, it is that we are divided. The only way that people are truly able to hold governments to account is by coming together in large numbers and acting for the common good.

When I look at the UFO ‘community’ I see various layers, just like any other society.

There are the casually interested who will see a video on YouTube and say to themselves ‘Oh that’s interesting’ then move on to the next video.

There are the fanatical believers, desperate for someone else to provide them with proof.

At the other end of the scale, we have the sceptic disrupters, who seem determined to deny everything and distract people like magicians.

There are the lone wolves, who quietly sit in the background acquiring all the information they can.

Then there are the authors, making money re-hashing the same old stories but providing little new.

Then there are the gatekeepers, who speak at public events, suck up all the information they can and refuse to share it with anyone else.

If the UFO ‘community’ continues along this route, the divide and conquer strategy that has kept people marginalised for decades will continue to be successful. We have to get beyond that and start to truly share information, put research up for constructive peer review and most importantly work together, not for personal profit, but to hold governments to account and get them to release the contents of their UFO files.

There is a long way to go before we can say we have achieved that.

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