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Walk - At the Lake

For those who have been following me for a while will know I have been doing a daily walk. There are many reasons for this, but the primary one for me is to lose weight and exercise more.

In my own mind I have dubbed it my “Fat to Fit” programme. Since I started I have not really spoken about it with people. After discussing my idea with my GP, who was very supportive, I felt the best thing was just to crack on and get going with my walk each day.

Today I was near my parents place so I decided to fit in a cheeky walk around a circular route prior to visiting them. I already had good knowledge of the area as it was my childhood stamping ground, so I knew I could be fairly flexible with the route, to add or reduce distance as required. 

Nothing much had changed. The old play parks were still there. A stream followed roughly the same route through the housing areas. Schools remained on the same sites I remembered. However, there was one change I noticed which really stood out.

Walk - Risk of falling sign

Signage. It may sound daft but in a number of places around the route, signs have been installed telling people not to do this, that or the other.

A little odd I thought. This sign “Risk of Falling” was placed next to a gas pipeline that runs parallel to a road and over a small stream.

Walk - Bridge and Pipe with box cover

To the right you can see the road bridge going over the stream. Right behind the sign you see the pipeline. Since I was a child, the cylindrical pipe has had a square cover added to it. This made me laugh. As children, one of the great local rights of passage was to be able to cross the stream by balancing and walking along the length of the pipe from one side to the another.

As far as I can see, adding the square boxing to the pipeline only makes this feat easier to complete and hence, would only encourage the local kids today to carry on with the ‘tradition’. 

Funny what you think about when out for a walk isn’t it?

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