Walking in the sun

Walking in the Trees
Lacey Raper

Today has been one of those unexpectedly good days. It was not planned or scripted. It just kind of happened. I went walking.

Walking. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. My step count is through the roof but more importantly, I’m enjoying being outdoors, especially now the better weather has arrived.

Earlier in the week, the weather was boiling hot. Too hot to really enjoy the walks but the weather today was perfect. I had a bottle of water with me which was a great refreshment just when I needed it, but I only needed the one. On Monday I ended up drinking three to keep my fluid levels up. So I am looking forward to more temperate weather and more walking. Whether you are based in a town or the country it is a great way to exercise and more importantly you see so much more than when you are driving.

Especially when it comes to walking in the woods I am always amazed at how much life is all around you. From above the trees, to soil of the under-canopy life is thriving all around. 

Now I have the task of cleaning my boots. 🙂