What is happening in the US National Parks?

It seems something strange is happening in the National Parks across the USA. People are disappearing in unusual circumstances, but that is not the strangest thing. If you try and find out the numbers of people who have gone missing, you hit a brick wall. There does not appear to be a centralised registry of people who have gone missing the National Parks. That appears to be strange to me. 

Whilst it is understandable that the powers that be would not want to deter tourists from visiting National Parks, that lack of a centralised registry of missing persons seems bizarre. How are these cases being investigated? Are these cases being investigated?

It certainly appears to be unclear if Federal Investigators are devoting much time to these missing people. 

So what could be the cause of these disappearances? I suppose the most logical one would be predation by local wildlife. After all, there are many places across the USA where humans are not the apex predators.  One response to this is why are remains never found? The video below discusses the decomposition time for a deer. (Caution: Some viewers may find it upsetting)

The video shows that most of the deer is unrecognisable after only seven days. So that could go some way to explaining why remains are not found.

However, it does not deal with all the missing person cases by any stretch of the imagination. Cases such as a Toronto Firefighter who went missing from Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondack mountains in New York State, only to turn up six days later 3,000 miles away in California. Or the disappearance of three year old Jaryd Atadero whose case is outlined in the video below.

One thing that does linger in the back of my mind is why are USA authorities so reluctant at releasing any details about the scale of the disappearances? Also, is this just a USA thing? Are people disappearing from across the globe in forests and national parks?

All we can say at the moment is there are many cases that remain unexplained

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