Zoom – Testing a new camera

I finally got to take my new camera out and check out its zoom. I had been waiting a long time to do this since I have been tied up with other things.  As you would expect from a modern camera, I wasn’t disappointed at the level of detail I could capture.  Below are some of the test pictures I took of highland cattle that I spotted in a field.

No Zoom - Cows in Field over road
No zoom applied

I had put the buying decision off for quite some time. After all, a new camera, particularly this one is a very expensive purchase. I had also considered the winter months coming and the shorter periods of daylight to use it, but eventually I caved in and went for it. I’m not disappointed that I did. 

Zoom - Cattle in Field
Getting in a little closer
Zoom - Cattle in a field
Concentrating on one of the beasts

One thing I haven’t tried as yet, is to see how the camera performs at night. I was thinking about trying to get some pictures of stars and the moon. So once I can find a suitable place without too much light pollution, I think I will make that the next thing to try after this zoom test.

Zoom - Cattle in a field
Creeping right up on him
Zoom - Cattle in a field
In his face

In the meantime, I am looking forward to getting some nice daylight pictures, particularly on those cold, bright, crisp winter mornings. It should be good.